Data Visualization Portfolio

I create data visualizations using R and Adobe Illustrator. Code for select projects available on github.

Animated Data Visualizations

CDC data on weekly deaths from pneumonia, influenza, and (post-2020), COVID before and after the beginning of the COVID pandemic, demonstrating a clear escalation in deaths with the onset of the pandemic. Data source: CDC. Made with R packages ggplot, gganimate, and magick.

Race/Ethnicity of Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) Participants compared to USA and World Populations; graphic originally published here. GWAS and world population data estimated from Figure 1 of Martin et al., Nature Genetics, 2019; USA population data is from here.

Total COVID-19 cases in South Korea, Italy, and USA in early March 2020. Data from covid2019.app. Made with R packages ggplot, ggrepel, gganimate, and magick. Code for county-level COVID visualizations available here.

Number of measles reported cases in the US before and after introduction of the first measles vaccine. Data estimated from historical data provided by the History of Vaccines. Made with R packages ggplot, ggpomological, gganimate, and magick.

Illustration visualizing projected surge of COVID hospitalizations if social distancing measures had not been enacted in March 2020. Visualization parameters are described at the bottom of the plot. Model data generated in R; visualization made with R packages ggplot, gganimate, and magick.

Tidy Tuesday data visualization plotting the NYC squirrel census. Data available here. Made with R using ggmap and rayshader. Code available here.

Static Data Visualizations

I’ve created a number of visualizations for academic publications using R and Adobe Illustrator. Select, published examples include:

Hand-Animated Data Visualizations

Hand-animated review of the Pfizer COVID vaccine clinical trial data explained to a lay audience to aid in general understanding of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.